The ISB Resolver is a rotary sensor that decodes the absolute
position of a machine crankshaft. The ISB Resolver has been designed to
withstand the harsh environment found on metal
stamping and fabricating machinery. ISB’s design incorporates a solid
through shaft design that is supported with bearings at the front and
back of the resolver.


Rugged NEMA 13 housing
Brushless size 25
3/8″ diameter shaft, heavy duty
Noise immune ratio-metric converter
Shock vibration resistant
Absolute position sensing
Cable up to 2500 ft with MS connector
Short and open circuit protection

Best suited for applications where coupled directly to an existing rotary cam box, where a pillow block arrangement, or driven by a rubber-timing belt & pulley exists.

A Resolver can be mounted using the above resolver mounting bracket and installed on a spring loaded base.
This is suggested when a large diameter sprocket and heavy chain is used to drive the resolver.

Connector and Cable

The resolver utilizes a military connector and cable assembly in a variety of lengths listed below.

Ordering Information
ISB part # Description
55-0556-020 Cable for RBPC resolver, 20 ft
55-0556-030 Cable for RBPC resolver, 30 ft
55-0556-050 Cable for RBPC resolver, 50 ft
55-0556-100 Cable for RBPC resolver, 100 ft