Machine Mounting Brackets

Light Curtain Swing Away Side Guards

ISB custom built welded swing away light curtain mounting brackets have built-in swing away side panels to allow for easy die changeover.
The side panels are available in clear Lexan for the maximum amount of visibility, or horizontal bar side panels with removeable rods to allow for strip feeding, conveyors, part chutes, etc.


For MX4000 light curtain models:

MXSSG-450-PLX (for 450 mm (18″) light curtains)
MXSSG-600-PLX (for 600 mm (24″) light curtains)
MXSSG-750-PLX (for 750 mm (30″) light curtains)
MXSSG-900-PLX (for 900 mm (36″) light curtains)
MXSSG-1050-PLX (for 1050 mm (42″) light curtains)
MXSSG-1200-PLX (for 1200 mm (48″) light curtains)

Substitute -HB for PLX for all P/N’s if horizontal bar side screens

For MT light curtain models:

MTSSG-24-PLX (for 600 mm / 24″ light curtains)
MTSSG-30-PLX (for 750 mm / 30″ light curtains)
MTSSG-36-PLX (for 900 mm / 36″ light curtains)
MTSSG-42-PLX (for 1050 mm / 42″ light curtains)
MTSSG-48-PLX (for 1200 mm / 48″ light curtains)

Straight Side Press Mounting Brackets

ISB custom built mounting brackets provide a solid mounting surface for press mounting our MX4000 Series Light Curtains, while having a protective flange to protect the face of the lens openings. The heavy duty steel plates are oversized to protect the connector end and have slots to allow for aligning the safety lights. They are provided with additional smaller slotted brackets for press column mounting the protective plates that will also double as a method for setting the safety distance.
If a second light curtain grid is required mounted horizontally, to prevent an operator from standing inside the primary vertical guard, a second model bracket is available that provides mounting provisions for both the vertical and horizontal safety light curtains.

Straight side mounting brackets. Standard Color Yellow; optional black
Available for MX4000 light curtain models:


Straight side mounting brackets for one vertical set of light curtains.
(Specify length when placing the order)


Straight side mounting brackets for one vertical and one horizontal
set of light curtains.(Specify length when placing the order)

Installation Examples