Machine Mounting Brackets

Light Curtain Swing Away Side Guards

ISB custom built welded light curtain mounting brackets have built-in swing away side panels to allow for easy die
changeover. Side panels available in lexan or removable horizontal bars.

MTSSG-24-PLX (for 600 mm / 24” light curtains)
MTSSG-30-PLX (for 750 mm / 30” light curtains)
MTSSG-36-PLX (for 900 mm / 36” light curtains)
MTSSG-42-PLX (for 1050 mm / 42” light curtains)
MTSSG-48-PLX (for 1200 mm / 48” light curtains)
Substitute -HB for PLX for all P/N’s if horizontal bar side screens

are desired.