Parameterization tools for MX4100/MX4200 light curtains

The factory set parameters can be changed by the user with a parameterization tool.
The MX series light curtains can be provided with two different models of hand-held easy to access and easy to use teach tools. The advantages of using this tool are apparent when compared to some competitor models that use tiny DIP switches located at the bottom of
detector units, often making it very inconvenient to access them; while other models require a laptop computer.
All units are provided with an ON / OFF key switch selector and a ring guarded teach button with a built in indicator light, which turns on
when the key selector is in the “ON” position.

MX4100-PT and MX4200-PT

Parameterization/Teach-in tool for MX4100/MX4200 light curtains (hand-held, with pass-through connection)

This rugged aluminum portable unit is designed to be connected when required. The 8 & 12 conductor cables are for the MX4100 and MX4200 light curtains respectively.
These units are designed to float between the detector unit and the cable that normally connects to the detector.


Parameterization/Teach-in tool for MX4100/MX4200 light curtains (hand-held, connects to a junction block)

This model is available in a rugged plastic enclosure with a 1.5 meter pre-wired 5 conductor cable ready to be plugged into any one of the junction blocks.