This Trumpf TruBend 5130 was factory equipped with circuitry to support the BendGuard, Trumpf's laser-based safety system. The customer chose to install an ISB Merlin 4000 Press Brake Guarding System. Our installer was able to add 3 relays to give the ISB Merlin 4000 the necessary signals that it requires to operate. The Lexan Side doors were damaged on this machine, so we supplied ISB's Custom Swing Away Side Guards with Lexan side screens to support the ISB MX Light Curtain Columns. The Merlin 4000 color Touch Screen was mounted on the upper left side of the machine for easy operator access.
When Trumpf manufactured the TrumaBend V-Series press brakes, they came with a BendGuard, a laser-based personnel safety device. They also provided internal circuitry to support the earlier ISB Merlin 3000 Press Brake Guarding System. The owner of this V130 machine recently decided to remove all their laser-based systems and upgrade their machines with the ISB Merlin 4000 systems.
This Trumpf TrumaBend V230 Press Brake has recently been retrofitted with an ISB MERLIN 4000 Press Brake System. The side doors were both in good shape, so we were able to mount the ISB MX Light Curtain Columns to the existing doors using a sheet metal protective channel..
This brand new Trumpf TruBend 5320 with sheet followers was factory supplied to one of their customers with an ISB MERLIN 4000. The customer determined that they required the MERLIN 4000 in order to properly safeguard this machine and Trumpf accommodated their request.
The Trumpf TruBend 5320 with sheet follower has been well-designed with a pocket to allow the Merlin 4000 photocells to shine through below the material support to prevent operators from reaching in from below.

Making it Safe:  Many more Trumpf Press Brakes are being retrofitted with ISB MERLIN 4000 Safeguarding Packages.

Recently, I have noticed a significant number of orders for Merlin 4000 Press Brake Guarding Systems that were being installed on machines that already had very-expensive Laser Safety devices installed on them.  This made we wonder why this is happening.  I quickly observed that many of these safety devices were factory installed on Press Brakes that are built by European-based Companies.   In Europe, we know that providing safety is the responsibility of the machine builder.   They do a great job of integrating compliant safety devices that carry the EC Certification for functional safety.   As for press brake guarding, the only items the European OEM’s traditionally worked with were the laser safety devices ( ie; Laser Safe, Akas, etc.) or conventional Type 4 Safety Light Curtains which we all know are difficult for operators to use on a press brake.   Because the decision for safety was being made corporate wide by people that are not familiar with the type of parts being fabricated here in the actual US factory that’s buying the press brake, this often is a big part of why we are replacing the factory installed device.

The earlier ISB Merlin 3000 Systems were designed with functional safety in mind and would provide the best alternative for both safety and productivity, but they didn’t carry the CE Label. therefore, the European Press Brake Manufacturers couldn’t consider the unique MERLIN option.  The good news is that ISB’s Merlin 4000 utilizes a light curtain platform that carries 3rd party Certification by TUV for type 4 safety. 

In recent months we have installed more than a dozen Merlin 4000 Systems successfully on a variety of models of Trumpf Press Brakes. I have included several photos with captions.  If you are purchasing a new press brake and it is coming with a safeguarding device that may not meet all your requirements, you are in the best position to request that the machine be supplied with a Merlin 4000 or refer them to me so that I can work with the machine builder so that you end up with you want without paying for your safety device twice!

The ISB MERLIN 4000 is our newest design that is specifically designed to deal with all the challenges of safeguarding a press brake. Only the MERLIN concept, pioneered by ISB, can learn each flange profile while making your initial sample part and creates a window exactly the proper size and location required for each specific cycle. This opening may change from stroke to stroke automatically, completely determined by our processor, not your operator or set-up personnel. The end result is that you have the most productive and safest system that operates exclusively with ISB’s MX Safety light curtain columns, that are CE certified by TUV for Type 4 Functional Safety. All wiring boxes are UL listed.

The Merlin 4000 rapidly has become the ultimate product for guarding all Press Brakes, regardless of age, machine type or tooling.

Please take a few minutes to view the MERLIN 4000 Sales Video;

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These installations were performed by one of ISB’s Authorized Installers, Jim Blount of Blount’s Press Brakes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help safeguard your machines. As always, your comments are welcome.

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