A Southern Ohio manufacturer recently retrofitted an ISB RBPC Press Controller to a BLISS C-110 PRESS. Not only is this press now OSHA & ANSI Compliant thanks to the ISB Controller, but it has been automated to run in Auto Single Stroke and each lid is custom stamped with a combination of numbers and letters that are based on what is ordered. The customer chose to keep their existing mechanical guarding with interlock switches, rather than upgrade to a safety light curtain.
The ISB RBPC controller's compact design makes it easy to install in the operator's station that is conveniently located within the reach and sight of the press operator.
The user-friendly operator interface has a 4-line LCD readout that displays press speed and actual position on the first line. The second line shows the selected operating mode of Auto Single Stroke. The third line shows the actuating mode, which is P1 (Palm Station 1). The bottom line is always displaying the next step. In this case the control is waiting for a signal from the feeder to advise the press control that the feeder has completed its job and its okay for the press to make another stroke. The green LED on the rotary clock shows that the press is at 1 degree and the yellow LED's is the press stopping angle from the previous stroke.
The RBPC control package utilizes its rugged 3/4" keyed absolute resolver to continually monitor the position and motion of the machine’s crankshaft. It is equipped with automatic top stop compensation, which means no more adjusting of complicated cam switch timing every time you change jobs or press speed and this feature also makes the initial installation extremely easy. In this application, the resolver is mounted on a spring loaded base on top of the machine and is sprocket and chain driven.

Making it safe;  RBPC Press Controller is retrofitted to a Bliss Press that has automated the process of  stamping unique  order numbers and letters  on 55 gallon drum lids as they pass through the press.

 March 30, 2021

The ISB RBPC Control was recently retrofitted on to a Bliss C-110 Press by Morsco AEC (http://www.morscoaec.com), one of ISB’S  authorized distributor and installer based out of Cincinnati Ohio.   Morsco AEC do a fine job to upgrade this older press with the RBPC in order for it to be fully OSHA 1910.217 & ANSI Compliant.  In addition, the ISB RBPC was also instrumental in automating  the process of stamping personalized numbers and letters on each 55 gallon drum lid as they are fed automatically  in to the press.   

To view this machine in operation, click here;

Each RBPC controller is equipped with an AUTO SINGLE STROKE mode that allows the press to be automatically cycled as the feeder delivers the part in place and signals the press to stroke.  

All ISB RBPC Controls can also accommodate multiple palm button stations, electric foot switches and even a treadle input for mechanical press brake applications.  Modes of operation, such as, Inch, Timed Inch, Single Stroke, Auto-Continuous, Auto Single Stroke (for feed lead press applications), and Kwik Trip are included.  A time-based brake monitoring system as well as Light Curtain and barrier guard circuitry is standard.    RBPC units can be used in English or Spanish language 

Built-in Die Protection channels (4) and Programmable Limit Switch channels (4) are included.  An additional 21 die protection channels and (8) Programmable Limit Switches are optionally available.

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