A Connecticut metal stamping shop has installed a number of United Power Presses. (www.unitedpowerpress.com) The presses are manufactured in Asia but the RBPC press controllers are factory installed to ensure that the presses meet all the North American OSHA and ANSI Control reliability requirements. Also note that ISB Safety Lights were also installed to provide personnel protection.
A close-up view of the RBPC Installation on the United Power Press as supplied by the OEM.
RBPC Front View
RBPC Back view. The Plug-in terminal blocks and field-replaceable relays are easily accessible.
RBPC Press Controller mounted in our optional low profile enclosure.
The RBPC Press Control panel mount design is easily retrofitted on larger custom consoles. This custom press control console was built by JM Engineering (www.jmengineering.com) and contains all the machine's motor control functions as well as a servofeed controller that is also integrated to the RBPC programmable limit switches.
Servotec U.S.A. (www.servotecusa.com) builds presses from 5 through 60 tons that operate to speeds up to 600 spm and they factory install the RBPC Press Controllers.
Making it safe;  RBPC Press Controller is perfect fit for small press builders.

August 6, 2020

The ISB RBPC Control’s compact design and easy to install package has made it the recommended press safety control & automation package for many smaller press builders and rebuilders.     The entire panel-mount press controller and automation package, including the HMI measures 12” x 7.3” x 1.8” and often can be mounted on the existing operator station that’s conveniently located to the operator. All Electrical connections are made with plug-in terminal blocks for easier installation, as well as allowing for quick field serviceability.

The RBPC control package utilizes its rugged absolute resolver to continually monitor the position and motion of the machine’s crankshaft.  It is equipped with automatic top stop compensation, which means no more adjusting of complicated cam switch timing every time you change jobs or press speed and this feature also makes the initial installation extremely easy.

ISB RBPC Controls can accommodate multiple palm button stations, electric foot switches and even a treadle input for mechanical press brake applications.  Modes of operation, such as, Inch, Timed Inch, Single Stroke, Auto-Continuous, Auto Single Stroke (for feed lead press applications), and Kwik Trip are included.  A time-based brake monitoring system as well as Light Curtain and barrier guard circuitry is standard.    RBPC units can be used in English or Spanish language modes.

The user-friendly operator interface has a 4-line LCD readout that displays complete fault messages and operator prompting, but at a fraction of the cost and size of many comparable controllers.  Our circular multi-color LED Array has quickly become an operator favorite.  A green LED is illuminated on the circular array to show actual position of the press.  Yellow LED’s are illuminated on the array each time the press stops to display the presses braking angle.   Red LED’s on the circular array are used to display the dwells of the programmable limit switches and blue LED’s are used to display dwells of the die protection “look windows”.

Built-in Die Protection channels (4) and Programmable Limit Switch channels (4) are included.  An additional 21 die protection channels and 8 PLS Channels are available.    The programmable limit switches can be used with built-in timers and counters to provide the ultimate versatility. Numerous counters and hour meters allow for users to run production automatically and allow for scheduling of preventative maintenance.   All RBPC units have 300-job storage capability, making it easier to save previous set-ups.   Multiple levels of password protection give Press Operators only the level of access that they need, while Set-up and Supervisor Personnel have their own levels of password protection.  RBPC Units are equipped with internal fault message logging, which gives data of the last 1000 reasons your press shut down.  A serial port is standard with all RBPC units to allow for upgrading of the operating system, or to provide backup and restore functions for stored data.

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Samson Machines (www.samsonmachine.com) are built in Wolcott Connecticut and the RBPC Units are factory installed.
A close-up view of the RBPC Press Controller that is factory installed. The RBPC ensures that all OSHA & ANSI Control Reliability requirements are achieved. In addition, these systems are equipped with up to 25 die protection channels to monitor the part transfer from station to station.