A Tandem Pacific Press Brake was recently retrofitted with a Merlin 4000 Press Brake Guarding System that utilized the new ISB MX4200-XT Extended Range (XT) light curtain columns. The emitter and detector columns are separated by approximately 48 feet,which is no problem for the new XT Light Curtain columns that can scan 20 meters (65 feet).
The ISB Merlin 4000 HMI is floor pedestal mounted on the left side of the press brake. The XT Detector columns and the ISB Wiring Box can be seen in this photo.

Making it safe; ISB’s New Extended Range (XT) Type 4 Safety Light Curtain with a 20-meter (65 feet) Scanning Range.

A Merlin 4000 Press Brake Guarding System was recently installed on a Tandem Pacific Press Brake.   The overall length of the machine is approximately 48 feet.  The newly released Extended Range (XT) ISB Light Curtain columns were utilized and aligning the Emitter and Detector was no problem.  With a scanning capability of 20 meters (65 feet), they had plenty of extra scanning range to spare.   These new Extended Range (XT) Safety Light Curtains are available to operate with the MERLIN 4000 Press Brake Guarding System, as well as stand-alone Type 4 Safety Light Curtains.  

The new Extended Range (XT) light curtains are available with 30mm detection capability.  

This installation was performed by one of ISB’s Authorized Installers, Blount’s Press Brake.    http://www.blountspressbrake.com

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On the right side of the press brake, the ISB XT Emitter can be found. Because of the size of this machine, i am not able to show both Emitter and Detector in a single photo, but we have a 600mm (24") high continuous safety curtain across the nearly 50-foot machine that has a detection capability of 30mm for hand-detection applications.