Making it safe

July 14, 2020

 A new Komatsu E2W 300 Straight Side Press was recently installed at a metal stamping shop.   To safeguard the operator, two sets of ISB MX4222, 900mm safety lights were installed across the front and rear of the press.  They are attached using ISB Straight Side Mounting Brackets with protective channels.   A second set of 450mm Safety Lights are also mounted horizontally to prevent the operator from standing inside the primary set of vertical safety lights.  The ISB MX 4200 Series Safety Light is a full-featured type 4, CE / TUV Certified safety light with floating beam and auto beam blanking to allow the user the most flexibility and the highest level of safety.

Please contact me if I can help safeguard your machines.  As always, your comments are welcome.


Tony Caruso
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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