Making it safe; ISB MX4200 Safety Light Curtains – The ultimate solution designed for safeguarding power presses now has a new Quick Guide for easier operator configuration.

This straight side press has ISB MX4200 Safety Light Curtains mounted both vertically to prevent reach-in to the danger area and horizontally to prevent someone from standing inside the primary set of light curtains. All the light curtains are mounted on the ISB Straight Side Mounting brackets.
ISB MX4200 Safety Light Curtains are available in heights of 300mm (12") to 1800mm (72"). Five different detection capabilities are available; 14mm. 22mm, 30mm, 38mm, & 82mm.
The ISB MX-4200 Safety Lights are easily configured in the pressroom using the above portable teach tool. The version shown will accommodate safety lights wired in using junction blocks. A pass through version of the teach tool is available for light curtains not wired with junction blocks.
Once the teach tool is plugged in to the safety light's junction block teach port, or installed with the in-line version (depending on light curtain wiring) , the operator is just a few steps away from accommodating for any obstruction penetrating through the safety light curtain.
Parameterization functions listed on the above reference table are typically performed less frequently and mostly at time of installation. Using the same teach tool with a few different maneuvers will allow the user full control of all optional functions, without having to download software or using a lap top.

Making it safe; ISB MX4200 Safety Light Curtains – The ultimate solution designed for safeguarding power presses now has a new Quick Guide for easier operator configuration.

May 19, 2021

ISB MX4200 Series Safety Light Curtains are compact and ruggedly housed in aluminum extrusion to withstand the hazardous conditions found around a metal stamping press.  They contain all the features that are often required to properly safeguard a power press.  Beam blank out function for programming small openings to allow for scrap chutes and conveyors to penetrate through the safety light without creating a shutdown are standard.  Air and lubricant lines as well as coil stock can penetrate through the light curtain without shutting down the press by utilizing floating beam functions that are also included.  Light curtain muting function to eject parts in the upstroke through the light curtain can be activated.  These are just a few of the features that can be configured by using our plug-in portable teach tool.  By just following a few simple steps at the press, configuration or parameterization of the ISB MX safety lights is easy, without requiring the use of a laptop or downloading of special software.  Once programmed, the teach tool can be unplugged and put in a secure location until the next time a change is needed.

 ISB recently added two new operator “Quick Guides” to its web site for the purpose of providing a step-by-step pictorial guide for configuring beam blank outs as well as parameterizing a variety of other light curtain functions. 

 The beam blank out Quick Guide can be found below;

The parameterization Quick Guide can be found below;

 ISB MX4200 Series of safety light curtains are Type 4 rated Active Optoelectronic Protective Device (AOPD).   They are 3rd party certified by TUV for functional safety.  Light curtains are available in heights from 300mm (12”) to 1800mm (72’) and will scan 10 meters.  Each size light curtain is available with detection capabilities of 14mm for finger detection; 22mm, 30mm, & 38mm detection capabilities for hand detection and 82mm detection capability to detect bodies for perimeter guarding.  

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