The ISB Merlin 4000 HMI utilizes a color touch screen and is positioned in easy view of the operator. The step-by-step instructions are available in English, Spanish & French, taking all the guess work out of safeguarding your press brakes.
Custom welded mounting brackets are secured to the moving slide of the up-acting press brake. Lexan side screens are included to elininate operator access from the press brake's ends.
The Amada Interface and MX Wiring box are mounted adjacent to the existing power box.

Making it Safe;   Another Amada RG Press Brake gets a new ISB Merlin 4000 Safety System.

January 31, 2021

 ISB recently completed an installation of a MERLIN 4000 Safeguarding Package on an AMADA RG-EX  up-acting press brake.   The machine was previously safeguarded with a laser device, but the fabricator replaced it with the Merlin 4000 to achieve a higher level of safety as well as improved productivity. 

 The ISB MERLIN 4000 is our newest design that is specifically designed to deal with all the challenges of safeguarding a press brake.  Only the MERLIN concept, pioneered by ISB, can learn the size and location of each step’s flange profile while making your initial sample part and creates a window exactly the proper size and location required for each specific cycle.  This opening may change from stroke to stroke automatically, completely determined by our processor, not your operator or set-up personnel.    The end result is the most productive and safest system that operates exclusively with ISB’s MX Safety light curtain columns, that are CE certified by TUV for Type 4 Functional Safety.  All wiring boxes are UL listed.

 Installation and training was performed by Blount’s Press Brake (

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